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By: Omar Ha, 7 minutes read.

How Much are Six Flags Annual Membership Fees

For true theme park enthusiasts and frequent visitors, Six Flags annual memberships offer a gateway to a world of endless thrills and unforgettable experiences. Becoming a member grants you exclusive benefits, perks, and unlimited access to the park throughout the year. In this article, we’ll explore the cost of Six Flags annual memberships, delve into the various pricing options, and highlight the exciting perks and privileges that come with being a Six Flags member.

Below is the latest Six Flags Plus membership rate:


Six Flags Annual Membership Fee

Six Flags PlusStarts at $8.99 per month

Six Flags Membership Pricing

As of the date of this article, Six Flags annual membership pricing varies depending on the specific park location, the level of membership, and any current promotions. Annual membership fees generally range from $100 to $300 or more per person.

Six Flags Membership Levels and Benefits

Six Flags offers several membership levels, each with its own set of benefits and perks. Common membership levels include:

Basic Membership: The most affordable option, Basic Membership grants unlimited visits to the home park and select other Six Flags locations, as well as access to exclusive events and special offers on food, merchandise, and more.

Gold Membership: Gold Membership includes all the benefits of Basic Membership, plus free parking, priority entry to select attractions, and additional free admission tickets for friends.

Platinum Membership: Platinum Membership provides all the benefits of Gold Membership, as well as access to all Six Flags parks in the United States and additional exclusive perks, such as preferred parking and skip-the-line privileges.

Monthly Payment Options

To make membership more accessible, Six Flags often offers monthly payment options for the annual fee. This allows guests to spread the cost over several months, making it easier to manage the expense.

Six Flags Membership Perks and Privileges

Being a Six Flags member comes with an array of exciting perks and privileges, including:

  • Unlimited Visits: Enjoy unlimited visits to your home park and select other Six Flags locations throughout the year, making it easy to experience your favorite rides and attractions whenever you like.
  • Season Pass Holder Benefits: As a member, you also receive all the benefits of a season pass, such as free admission to Fright Fest, Holiday in the Park, and other seasonal events.
  • Discounts on Food and Merchandise: Members often enjoy discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise purchases within the park, allowing you to save while indulging in park treats and souvenirs.
  • Member Appreciation Days: Six Flags hosts exclusive member appreciation days and events, providing special perks, early access to attractions, and unique entertainment experiences.
  • Bring-A-Friend Discounts: Many membership levels offer discounted admission tickets for friends, allowing you to share the excitement of Six Flags with your loved ones.

Six Flags annual memberships offer an incredible value for theme park enthusiasts, granting unlimited visits, exclusive perks, and exciting benefits throughout the year. With membership fees ranging from $100 to $300 or more, guests can choose the level that best suits their preferences and budget.

Embrace the excitement of becoming a Six Flags member, unlock a world of joy and adventure, and make every day an unforgettable experience at Six Flags. Whether you opt for Basic, Gold, or Platinum Membership, your journey of endless thrills and unlimited fun awaits, making your theme park dreams a reality all year long!

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